The fun-filled, much-anticipated annual “Monsoon Valley Harvest Festival 2020” at Monsoon Valley Vineyard, Hua Hin

           Bring all the fun and thrill, the highly anticipated annual event, Monsoon Valley Harvest Festival 2020 returned during 15-23 February 2020 at Monsoon Valley Vineyard, Hua Hin. Hosted by Siam Winery, producer of Monsoon Valley Wine, Thailand’s world renowned wine with more than 300 accolades, the event aimed to offer exclusive winemaking experiences to wine lovers and enthusiasts at Hua Hin’s first and only vineyard, Monsoon Valley Vineyard, Hua Hin.

           For the 11th consecutive year, Monsoon Valley Harvest Festival 2020 delighted participants with From Grape to Glass Activity and first-hand winemaking experiences. The 4 key activities included scenic drive through the lush vineyard during harvest season, grape handpicking and grape stomping contest followed by wine blending workshop. The evening delight included Exclusive Wine Dinner where fine dishes carefully prepared by top chefs were paired with Monsoon Valley wines, Thai wines of international acclaim, amid the romantic setting of Monsoon Valley Vineyard at dusk. The dinner, laced with smooth live music, culminated in the gift giving finale where exclusive wine dinner guests received limited edition souvenirs.

           Monsoon Valley is national pride and Siam Winery’s milestone success that earned Thailand a great acclaim as wine producer in the global level for more than 10 years. Siam Winery strives to nurture wine drinking experiences for Thai patrons with premium quality wines made from carefully grown and harvested grapes by Thai farmers and enhanced with cutting-edge viticulture technologies. Harnessing not only great quality but also unique characters and tastes, Monsoon Valley Wine is recognized internationally as Thailand’s world-class wine.